STAMPot is the ultimate tool to present easily your movie on a web page.

STAMPot 1.7.0

8 avril 2008

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Create Poster movie with ease!

STAMPot is the ultimate tool for creating QuickTime poster movies for your web pages. You simply drag and drop the background image of your choice, and add your movie file, which instantly converts it to a poster movie. As easy to use and intuitive then PAGEot, it allows web designers to export XHTML page with two possible formats, "table" and "CSS" and enable producers to publish their work in a jiffy. The hand cursor is automatically set on the poster movie.

Exported pages are also compatible with iPod touch and iPhone.

STAMPot uses an external JavaScript function to workaround the Eolas patent issue for embedded content display under Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 and 7.

"I 've been smashed with STAMPot!!! It is too cool!!!"
Bruce Cigalin, Rosporden

"It's a pal who did it, there's nothing to add to your NTSC"
F Casanova, Hollywood

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STAMPot uses a Sprite track to set an hand cursor, letting the viewer know the poster movie is clickable.
You can choose between three solutions to present your movie on a page :

Apple's 1984
The Introduction of the Macintosh in the Cultural History of Personal Computers

1. Use internal list (simple - more compatible)

When you click the Poster movie, it is replaced by the main movie (using HREF tag inside the Sprite track).
Here the main movie is not replaced by the Poster movie after playing. If you do not need this option, it's the simpler and the more compatible manner to present movie on html page using STAMPot.

Les nouveaux habits de la Chine

2. Use external XML file (Poster movie replace main movie after playing - only one movie per page)

Here is a more elegant solution:
After playing the main movie is replaced by the Poster movie. This solution uses an external xml file to get main movie name.
The sprite track in Stampot poster movies links to an XML file called Stamp.xml, which in turn references the main movie.

If you only need to present one movie on a page you can use this solution.


3. Use QTnext (Poster movie replaces main movie after playing - less compatible)

This solution uses another way to present movie: it only uses tag QTnext to create a sequence.
When you click the Poster movie, it starts playing and will call main movie when it ends, then the sequence will loop back to the Poster movie.
it seems to be the simplest way but infortunately, I experimented problems on some servers. the Poster movie starts playing but main movie is sometimes not called. But if it works for you, this solution is very attractive.