Pleinpot is the ultimate tool to present easily a full screen panorama on a web page.

Pleinpot 1.9.4

15 octobre 2008 * Upgrade for 10 € (free upgrade for 1.8.4 or + users)
  • minor bugs corrections and minor enhancements.
  • 1.9.0 :
  • add option to automatically redirect to a Flash panorama page if QuickTime is not installed
  • Directional buttons to navigate within a gallery
  • The Batch Window has been enhanced (reordering files should now work properly)
  • mp3 audio files now supported by all exported formats
  • and more ...

Use external javascript file to display QuickTime content (IE7 compatible).

With Pleinpot you add fullscreen panoramas on your web site in a snap.

Just drop a VR file onto the window, choose eventually a sound file, add autorotate, type your comments, select the colors and font you want and press Export button. That's it!

The batch mode allows you to create a gallery containing several panoramas.

Full support for media types and file formats (QuickTime, Flash, Java, Shockwave, DevalVR...)

You can also add a custom controller (QuickTime only)

Gallery !

Full screen panoramas Welcome to Pleinpot's Gallery, enjoy visualizing some beautiful panoramas made by talentued photographs.

In these two new panoramas, if QuickTime is not installed on visitor's computer, instead of alert, visitor will get Flash panoramas.

Check this gallery to discover different media support:

Pleinpot also allows creation page of custom window size


foire aux questions

- Can I use html pages created with the unregistered version of Pleinpot also after the trial period has expired, or do I have to recreate them?
Sure, you still can use html pages created with unregistered version of Pleinpot !

- When you make a html page with Pleinpot does the page with the QT movie in it play on machines without Quicktime?
QuickTime is required to play QT movie.

- How to use the redirect-function to flash?
You have to check the redirection button to get it to wotk :
Open preferences panel
Choose QuickTime panel
Select Flash in the Redirect page PopMenu

Close Preferences panel
In the Main Window be sure that 'Check for QuickTime script' is checked.'

After exporting you pages. Do not forget to copy you Panorama flash file into the Media folder.

- What does the 'Protect Button' protect?
The Protect button just set to true the TAG Kioskmode : If you use standard controller the save menu of the QT plug-in is disabled.

- Is it possible to reduce the delay for the AutoRotate from 5 sec. to 2 or 3 seconds?
Not yet but may be in future release.

- My goal is to launch a movie, within the browser but I would like all the control buttons on the browser to disappear. Is that possible?
Yes. You have to use a javascript link to open a new window, and do not forget to include a close button in your target page:
open a window

- How to create a Gallery?
Click on the Batch button to open the Batch Window
Drag and Drop one QuickTime VR file inside it
Enter settings for this movie
Drag and Drop your others VRs in the batch Window, all the following VRs will take the parameters you entered for the first one VR (except Audio)
Customize parameters for each VRs
Use the 'Export all' button

- The only thing to be seen is a black screen, the QuickTime sign and a question mark.
Many reasons for that.
1. non ascii character: Only use standard english letter. do not use space, accentued or foreigner characters in your movie name.

2. A file is missing, all the medias should be present on your site. The HTML page, the media folder and all its content. Do not move files outside this folder.

- Known Bugs

On Windows :
The set view button does not work
On several PC using Vista, Pleinpot crashes. Try Pleinpot before buiying it!