"Since PAGEot was released it became a MUST have tool for any QT developer.
Anyone that tried it, loved it! It's great and simple to use. A real time saver!!
I don't know of any class or session about QT on the web that does not mention it."

Guillaume Iacino

Pageot 1.9.2

19 octobre 2010

- Minor bugs corrections.

PAGEot is an application which generates EMBED and OBJECT code for the QuickTime Plug-in.

- PAGEot uses the external JavaScript AC_QuickTime.js to workaround the Eolas patent issue for embedded content display under Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 and 7.

With a single click PAGEot allows you to add QuickTime movies (interactive videos, sounds, panoramas and objects...) to your HTML pages. It gives to advanced users an immediate access to the complex features of QuickTime plug-ins, and gives you the power to create interactive playlists and presentations.

With PAGEot, you can export fully functional HTML pages, or directly copy-paste HTML code in your preferred web page editor.

Informations and Tag description

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Learn how to create a playlist
Comment créer une séquence

Tags description:
QuickTime <EMBED> and <OBJECT> Parameters
QuickTime Embed/Object Tag Equivalencie

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Embed pour QuickTime