Lillipot 1.8

29 octobre 2008
- add conversion to aiff and wav audio files

Lillipot flatten and add faststart to your QuickTime movies.
Also convert mp4, m4v, aif, wave, mp3 and m4a files to fast start QuickTime movies.

Most Macintosh applications unfortunately create QuickTime files which are not compatible with Windows and not Web friendly (i.e. not recognized by the QuickTime plug-in).
To avoid this problem, the movie files must be ' Flattened', which means that the file resource is placed at the beginning of the file. To flatten your files you can use QuickTime Player Pro and choose the ' Save as... ' command, which allows you to save flattened movies. This becomes quickly boring if you have many movies to change.

Lillipot accept .mov, .mp4, .m4v, .aif,.wav, .mp3, .m4a files

Lillipot is a simple and useful tool that has the same effect as the ' Save as... ' command, but with one single click!

Lillipot removes also all dependences on external files to your specified movie. Drag and drop all your movies on the lillipot window, then start the batch process by clicking on the 'action' button.

Lillipot is free but if you use it, please Donate to help future development


Francis Gorgé